March 5, 2014

Shopping in Hyperspace - SciFi thoughts

From the very first moment she saw the ad on MaxiNetwork, Cecilia decided that she would have stolen that spaceship.
It was so cute.

But above all, it was the only technology which could help to fulfill her greatest dream: the ultimate shopping session.

(no, you won't find it on Amazon)

February 12, 2014

Experiences of self publishing #1 - an unexpected help

This is the first of a series of posts in which I recall the experience of self publishing linked to the publication of the novel 8.23 volte l'anno.

This experiment immediately started to bring me lessons and interesting data. Maybe is a bit early to share complete data, but it's time to start writing about first experiences, impressions and hints of color.

So, let's begin with the first surprise. 

An unexpected help

Prepare your book, read it, read it again, correct it. You think it's ready. Quite ready, anyway. Publish it. At this point you expect, you imagine having to fight with other authors. Fighting like crazy to get the attention of two readers. Readers who are, in your imagination, enjoying a sort of mud wrestling.

Take a deep breath and think - Ok, let's do it for the knowledge. In the mud. -

And here comes the first surprise.

The first help. Spontaneous, unexpected.

The first to lend a hand are the very people with whom I believed to have crossed the blades. The other authors. The help is made up of little constructive criticisms, error reports, tips and links to my work. And small, but heavy, encouragement.

Not really mud wrestling.

Here are my heartfelt thanks to all the 'colleagues' of this new world. Especially those most talented and expert who didn't want to keep for them important tips and tricks.

The first lesson is: the community of independent authors is made up of beautiful people, and the competition is relative. There is room for everyone and, after all, they are all very aware of the fact that if the self publishing market offers something good, everyone takes advantage of it.

Cooperation instead of competition. That's nice. Yes, because the battle, the real one, is fought somewhere else. And we'll talk about it in future posts.

February 5, 2014

Science fiction kittens - Kittens vs Daleks

Some self-proclaimed web guru says that kittens, in short, make audience. And let the kittens be. But not any kittens. Science fiction kittens. So, for the topic 'kittens and science fiction', that's what happens when you put Daleks against kittens. Or kittens into Daleks.

December 30, 2013

A good sandwitch with northern flavor

Here is a sandwitch of northern flavors because, you know, Italian food is not only tomatoes, olive oil and pasta.

This is time for a Brettljause, an afternoon northern snack. My sandwitch is made with homemade black bread, speck and crescenza.

Black bread is made with rye flour, barley flour, oat flour, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. It is a typical bread from the Sudtirol region, since rye flour seems to be more resistant to cold weather.

Even speck comes from Sudtirol, a region in which it's more likely to hear people speaking in German than Italian. Speck is a smoked crude ham. It is very aromatic, with intense flavor. I like it very much.

Crescenza is an Italian soft cheese with very short aging. It is produced with whole cow's milk, and comes from Lombardy and Tuscany regions. It adds freshness and softness.

Overall, this sandwich is very strong and caloric, suitable for cold and gray winter afternoons. I think it would have been ideal with a stout beer, but unfortunately I didn't have one at home.

Anyway, buon appetito !

November 19, 2013

P.A.W.S. (Prime Alien Watch Squad) on Kickstarter

Why backing P.A.W.S. (Top Watch Alien Squad) ?

Because it is a fun strategy game, suitable for children, with a very cute and cartoonish look, and because the idea of ​​driving the prettiest team for containment of alien invasions, consisting of bears, tigers and turtles, is particularly attractive.

There are still 22 days to the end of the campaign on Kickstarter. Can it make it ?

October 26, 2013

Zenzerello !

After a dinner a little challenging, I realized with horror that my escort of Zenzerello is now gone. Too bad. The bottle behaved with honour for more than a year, providing solace in the hours after good (but tough) eating.

What is Zenzerello ? A ginger liquor, homemade. Not too strong, tastes fresh and spicy at the same time. Excellent as a digestive. I made the first bottle as an experiment. But now that it's gone, I can repeat it.

How to make Zenzerello ?

Here are the ingredients for a bottle (about 1lt of liquor).

About 100g of fresh ginger, the most beautiful you can find.
1/2 lt of alcohol for liquors.
1/2 kg of sugar.
1/2 lt of water.

The preparation requires patience, but it's not difficult. You have to peel and cut into slices fresh ginger, toss it into a large jar with alcohol, then forget it on a closed shelf for at least three weeks.

If you have not really forgotten it, after three weeks, you may complete the process. Prepare in a saucepan, over low heat, a syrup with water and sugar. When the syrup has cooled down you'll be almost at the end of the trip: filter alcohol and mix it with the syrup. Pour it into a bottle, put to rest a few days and enjoy this liquor with original taste.

June 5, 2013

8.23 times per year - an extract (and a foretaste)

Yes, that is a very first draft of the english translation of 8.23 volte l'anno. Rough and preliminar, but we are working to make it better. Much better.

Do you think it can be interesting ?

Sand, at sunset

A few moments of the turn of sunset, and the beach is almost empty.
The last sunbathers have left the beach loaded with bath towels and inflatable games, leaving behind them a trail of cigarette butts, tubes of sunscreen, sheets of wax paper and icicle sticks. Seagulls, hundreds of them, are coming back on the coast, their wings on fire by the warm light of the dying sun.
In the short stretch of free beach, between papers and plastic cups, there is just a guy armed with a metal detector. He walks slowly, swinging the long and light metal rod a few inches from the sand. He is dressed in a dull: baggy discolored shorts, a beige checked shirt, messenger bag, and plastic flip flops cracked by time. Uncombed hair. Cheap sunglasses.
Let’s approach him.
The guy with the metal detector, seen from close up, seems to move with skill and method. And those glasses, seen from close up, don’t seem so bad. No doubt the HUD, which projects data and animated graphics on the inside of the lenses, greatly increases their value.
The data projected on the lenses comes from the instrument shaped as a metal detector that is actually a sophisticated real time detector of movements, temperature and density variations of the subsoil, sensitive to a depth of 400 meters below the surface of the sand.
When the instrument that looks like a metal detector emits a long beep, and the HUD displays a series of well known icons and messages, the guy seems satisfied. He dismantles the tool with calm, puts it in a sports bag and walks away from the beach.
Gulls, mosquitoes and darkness finally take possession of the area.